Glass Buildings


Strategic Partnership Development

GreyPrint believes innovation, collaboration, and leveraging existing resources are essential to implementing and scaling high impact solutions. We will guide development of a strategic plan including stakeholder engagement, goal setting, and mutual gains. 

GreyPrint Solution: Structured design of a student focused mental and behavioral health coaching program for Health Management Systems of America (HMSA) and cultivated relationships with potential campus partners and funders. 

Talent Acquisition and Management 

Policies and procedures are often written in black and white, but humans make them grey. GreyPrint can design strategies for recruiting, hiring, retention, and performance management that cultivate a diverse, skilled, and productive workforce.

GreyPrint Solution: Lead research and data collection efforts to assist JobsOhio, Ohio’s private economic development organization, with identification of strategies to increase the tech talent pipeline.

Organizational and Operational Effectiveness 

The GreyPrint approach begins with getting everyone on the same page and moving forward in the right direction. We can design success for process improvement, implementation of new technology, cultural shifts, and change management.   


GreyPrint Solution: Conducted interviews and visioning sessions with Indiana University – Department of Student Affairs executive staff to identify inefficiencies, synthesize efficiencies, and determine priorities to optimize student services.

Program Implementation and Evaluation

GreyPrint can help you plan your work and work your plan. Beginning with evidence-based research and market analysis, our collaborative approach will align your vision and goals to actionable solutions for impact, scale, and sustainability. 


GreyPrint Solution: Steered development and implementation of a cross-institutional initiative to enrich transfer pathways between Columbus State Community College and The Ohio State University.