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Innovative Approaches to Address the Tech Talent Gap

GreyPrint Consulting, LLC:

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The DE2MO approach—Demonstrating Educational and Employment Mapping Opportunities

The Challenge: Tech Talent Gap

In recent years, recruiters and hiring managers across the country have identified a tech talent gap that prevents employers from finding adequately educated and trained professionals.

Considering the rapidly evolving and disruptive nature of technology, other talent demands will continue to emerge as employers compete to address their unique business needs.

The challenge lies in finding ways in which to source qualified candidates who have acquired—or have the potential to acquire—the relevant knowledge, skills, and abilities in technology competencies.

The Solution: The DE2MO Approach

Through a curated process designed by GreyPrint Consulting, LLC, The DE2MO approach—Demonstrating Educational and Employment Mapping Opportunities—is designed to explore, validate, and define tech talent gaps at the state level. Once the gaps are identified, educators and employers are provided with solutions to increase the pipeline of talent prepared for technology career pathways.

Through the DE2MO approach, qualitative and quantitative data is collected and assessed to answer the following key questions:

  • What is the current supply of tech talent produced by education and training providers?

  • What are the critical demands for tech talent by employers?

  • What are the gaps in tech talent supply and demand?

  • What solutions can be implemented to bridge the gap between tech talent supply and demand?

Through application of the DE2MO approach, GreyPrint, LLC has identified recommendations to develop strategic partnerships that are designed to scale best practices for broadening the pipeline for tech talent. Priority areas of focus include: Education, Training, and Marketing.

So, Now What?

The DE2MO approach is transferrable across diverse fields of study and occupations. The approach can be customized to fit client needs for small, medium, and large projects.For more information on how the DE2MO approach can provide solutions for your talent acquisition and management needs, please contact us directly:

GreyPrint Consulting, LLC (

Sharr Pechac - Principle Consultant


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