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We Design Success

Strategic Programs & Parnterships  

GreyPrint Consulting is a minority woman owned small business.   

What is a GreyPrint?

A blueprint is a plan – an architect’s rendering of a structure or environment. It is specific and exact.


Education and employment attainment, however, can be an ambiguous journey.  Without a plan, both time and talent are lost. 


Enter GreyPrint - we offer mission-critical strategies to execute diverse education and workforce solutions.


Principal Consultant

Sharmaine Pechac, PhD, SHRM - SCP

Dr. Sharmaine ‘Sharr’ Pechac is dedicated to improving lives through educational and employment opportunities. Sharr founded GreyPrint Consulting because she understands—from personal experience—the journey to and through higher education can be complicated and navigating career opportunities can be challenging.


We Design success


GreyPrint Consulting, LLC offers a boutique style of services that can be tailored to meet the unique needs of education and training providers, employers, systems, government entities, as well as nonprofit agencies.  


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